Last updating 28-10-2007

Love Celeb (ラブセレブ) is the latest manga series by Mayu Shinjo (まゆ 新條), creator of Kaikan Phrase, and Haou Airen. It was serialized in Sho-comi magazine from issue 11 (2004) to issue 23 (2005).


Kirara wants to be an idol more than anything else in the world. Unfortunately, she keeps getting cast into bit roles that lead nowhere. All she wants is to be in her own drama and to have her own CD someday. She complains to her manager, Hanamaki, who then sends her to an apartment full of horny producers and directors, with the instructions to "sell her body and get a job!" All this is too much for Kirara, still a virgin, when a lecherous producer pounces on her. In the nick of time, she is saved by a mysterious silver-haired man named Gin. Just when she thinks that he's about to take her virginity, he lets her go, leaving her with his phone number. The next day, she's the latest talk of the town -- all due to his doing! Who is he and why is he helping her?

NAKAZONO Kirara - 16 year-old starlet who wants to be the next big idol
FUJIWARA Ginzou - the man who will be Japan's next prime minister, who just happens to have a soft spot for a particular young idol-wannabe
HANAMAKI - Kirara's manager who's plotting than her stardom